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When you want to find the high standard of quality, best combination in price, economy, and versatility in purchasing reconditioned vehicles, Japan is the market leader. Nama Trading Company Limited is a respected member of all the automobile auctions in Japan.

We have been exporting vehicles and machinery to our clients in Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa with high quality reconditioned vehicles at the best lowest prices. Since we have access to auctions through out Japan,

As a trustworthy and highly experienced and skilled automobile supplier in Japan, we have gained a significant reputation with our clients all over the world, for providing high quality vehicles at the most reasonable cheap prices.

Please feel free to browse through our online stock list this depicts the latest data available, Please repeat your browse to find the best match for you, and please browse our site regularly since we update the stock in daily basis then and their when vehicles and machinery comes in and get sold.

For additional information you can contact us via email or Phone / Fax